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Information about Private Singing Lessons

I offer private singing lessons, vocal coaching for bands and recording artists, and singing workshops for groups. I work with students aged 13 and up, from those who have never sung or studied singing to professional performers. My lessons are instructive and efficient as well as being as much fun as possible! We’ll work on a mix of songs that you bring in as well as suggestions that I’ll make suitable to your skill level. I am happy to help you prepare for auditions, recording projects, or performances.

I started singing lessons with Jeff as I used to sing in school and just missed having music in my life, and I could not be happier. Jeff works with you to determine the goals you have and then balances his lessons to either help with the technical aspects of your voice or just overall style. His patience and encouragement make you feel right at home and each lesson is fun and rewarding.
Matt P.

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Teaching Style

My teaching methodology is derived from my time studying popular singing methods, classical singing methods, my experience as a singer-songwriter, lead singer in original and cover bands, and body awareness techniques including Alexander technique.

Students work with me to develop their natural singing voice by strengthening and solidifying airflow, the high and low ends of their range, increasing stamina, smoothing register transitions, working on ear training, working on resonance to develop a variety of vocal colors, learning and/or developing their harmony singing, developing efficient practice time habits, and increasing the expression in their performances.

My Training

I have studied music performance at the University of Michigan School of Music where I received Bachelor and Masters degrees. I have studied popular singing styles with the likes of Dave Stroud and Raz Kennedy. I have worked with Meghan Dibble to bridge the gap between popular singing methods and classical vocal production as I believe that the fundamentals of singing technique remain consistent across genres. I have experience singing folk, rock, pop, and musical theatre. I am comfortable as both a lead and backing vocalist, and you can listen to me in several locations:


I feel quite comfortable teaching music in a variety of popular music styles. Though I have studied classical vocal production, those looking to work specifically in this area would be better suited with a singing teacher who specializes in those areas. I can happily provide you with a referral.


As a songwriter myself, I am particularly eager to work with those who are not only looking to improve their singing abilities, but are also developing their skills as songwriters and performers. Besides vocal technique, I am happy to work with you on music theory concepts, ear training, songwriting, and performance practice.

36 Hour Cancellation Policy

I have a strict 36 hour cancellation policy. I require 36 hours notice to reschedule or cancel an appointment. Missed appointments or cancellations with less than 36 hours notice are charged at the full rate.


Singing lessons take place at one of three locations please see the drop down menu for your area for specific location information

Schott Music
The Music Studios
or my private space near Kings Langley

Studio fees for spaces in London vary, inquire for quotes.

Getting Started

To get started, I offer a free 30 minute phone consultation where we can discuss your goals and how we can work together to achieve them. If you’re satisfied at the end of that conversation we’ll set up a time for an initial singing lesson. I recommend that first lessons be an hour long to allow for enough time for us to get to know one another a bit better and work through a generous amount of material. If you are again satisfied, we can find a time for you to have your singing lessons regularly. Most students take weekly or bi-weekly lessons.

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Private singing lessons are the fastest way to achieve the goals that you want to achieve as a singer. Studying singing lessons at a location in London is an exciting way to be in a cultural heart of the world while practicing your own artistic skills. Teaching singing in London is one of the most invigorating ways I spend time. As a performing artist myself, teaching singing lessons in London puts me in direct contact with singers, songwriters, musical theatre performers and many others who put a high value on the arts. Beginners and performing artists alike benefit from disciplined singing lessons. Taking singing lessons that are focused on your goals can also increase your overall enjoyment of your singing project. Each singing lesson I teach is geared to the specific singing needs of my student. Additionally, I record all my singing lessons for several reasons. First, each singing lesson is unique, and focused on the technical skills and musical pursuits of the client. Having a recording of your singing lesson means that you can practice the concepts in between meetings so that you can continue to develop your singing abilities. Secondly, recording our singing lessons serves as an archive to track how you are progressing. One can listen to singing lessons from several weeks ago and hear the difference in the way they are using their voice. Few things are as enjoyable as singing well, and I look forward to each opportunity to help others sing to their fullest potential.

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